Adjudication is the process that we go through to decide whether you are eligible for your Intent to Register (ITR) choices.

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Adjudication occurs in late May, once your final marks are available to us.

How are adjudication decisions made?
Adjudication decisions are based on the module(s) you requested during ITR and the marks achieved in your courses. Any courses in which you are registered in the summer are taken into consideration during the adjudication process.

When/how do you find out your adjudciation results?
Your adjudication comments (decisions) will be posted by mid-June in your Grade Report in Student Center. The Remarks section informs you if you are "eligible for requested honours program" and may include additional comments (e.g. breadth requirements yet to be satisfied, etc.)

More about adjudiction:
General information about adjudication is available on the BMSc website.

What if I ask for Honours Specialization IMS but am not admitted?

You will be put into another module or Double Majors, depending on what the BMSUE Coordinator thinks makes the most sense for you. If you apply to Year 3 BMSc but are not eligible for an Honours Specialization in IMS, then you will likely be put into a Major in IMS + another Major (e.g. Medical Cell Biology or Physiology). If you are not eligible to register in Year 3 BMSc, then chances are that you will be put into a BSc degree with a Major in Medical Sciences and a Major in Biology.

Is there a waiting list for the Honours Specialization in IMS?
Yes, but only for students going into Year 4 BMSc.
If you are put on the waiting list during the adjudication period in May and a spot becomes available later in the summer, then you will be notified by email.

Is enrollment in Double Majors limited?
No, enrollment in Double Majors (e.g. Major in IMS + Major in Physiology) is not limited.