Combined BMSc/HBA

Two honors degrees - a BMSc Honours degree and an HBA degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business - are granted after completion of the 5-year Combined BMSc/HBA Program. 

For information about the HBA Program, see the Academic Calendar and the Ivey HBA website.

Students interested in the combined program typically register in Medical Sciences for their first two years of university (Medical Sciences 1 and 2).  Below is an overview of the 5 year combined program  (the two-year HBA program is referred to as HBA1 and HBA2, or as Ivey, or as Business Administration):

Year 1 = (usually) Medical Sciences 1

  • students register in first year (usually Medical Sciences 1)
  • course selection is the usual Medical Sciences 1 course selection (4.0 first-year science courses + 1.0 course from either Category A or B):
    • although not required, many students take Business Administration 1220E in Med Sci 1 to find out about the approach used in the study of management in the Business School
      • if Business Administration is not taken in Year 1, students are strongly encouraged to take 1.0 course from Category B to satisfy the Breadth Requirements for Graduation
      • if not completed in first year, an extra course might need to be taken (during a Fall/Winter session or during the summer) to satisfy the Category B requirement

Year 2 = (usually) Medical Sciences 2

  • 5.0 courses:
    • Biochemistry 2280A, Biology 2290F/G, 2382B, 2581B, Chemistry 2213A, Biology or Statistics 2244A/B (note:  a second half course in Chemistry at the 2000-level is NOT required in the IMS/HBA combined program)
    • Business Administration 2257
    • 1.0 course (see NOTE below)
    • NOTE:
      • students who did not take 1.0 Category B course in first year and want to leave this requirement for a future year should seriously consider taking 1.0 2000-level course listed in Groups 1 and/or 2 in the Honours Specialization in IMS (this 1.0 course satisfies a Year 4 requirement in the combined program).  The 1.0 Category B requirement could then be taken in Year 4.  Alternatively, 0.5 Category B course and 0.5 2000-level course from Group 1 or 2 could be taken in both Years 2 and 4.  If an option course is taken in Year 2, an extra course will need to be taken

Year 3 = HBA 1

  • students take the full set of courses required for HBA1 (listed in the Academic Calendar)
  • during HBA1, students apply for admission to the combined program (Ivey refers to the the combined program as "dual degrees")

Year 4 = Year 4 of combined program

  • the HBA2 requirements (5.0 Business Administration courses) are taken over Years 4 and 5
    • students should consult with Ivey about which courses are required/recommended in Year 4 of the combined program
  • 4.0 courses in Year 4 (see full details in the Academic Calendar):
    • 2.0 courses from Group 1,
    • 2.0 additional courses from Groups 1-3 and courses numbered 2100-3999 in Chemistry.  These 2.0 courses must include 0.5-1.0 course from Group 3 (it is not mandatory to take any Group 2 courses)
    • NOTE:  any courses from Groups 1 and 2 that are completed before Year 4 are used to satisfy the 4.0 courses required for Year 4 (e.g. if you completed Microbiology and Immunology 2500A in second year, it can be used toward the Year 4 requirements).

Year 5 = Year 5 of combined program

  • the rest of the HBA2 requirements
  • 3.0 courses (see full details in the Academic Calendar):
    • 1.5 courses: Medical Sciences 4990E or Medical Sciences 4995E, and Medical Sciences 4930F, 
    • 0.5 course: Medical Sciences 4200A/B,
    • 1.0 additional courses at the 4000-level from the following subject areas:  Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Medical Biophysics, Medical Sciences, Microbiology and Immunology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Physiology and Pharmacology.
    • NOTE:  check out the priority access and reserved spaces in 4000-level half courses

Intent to Register for Combined BMSc/HBA

For students in HBA1

Submit an application through Ivey for the combined BMSc/HBA Program (referred to as dual degrees by Ivey). The BMSUE Coordinator (Kathy Boon) will be informed of your application and will contact you sometime between February- April to inform you of your eligibility for the BMSc portion of the combined program. If you are eligible, the BMSUE Coordinator will submit an ITR to the Office of the Registrar on your behalf.

For students in Year 4 of the combined program

Go to Student Center to submit your ITR. Look under Student Services Links (right-hand side) and click on Complete My Intent to Register.

  • choose your status for the Fall/Winter by selecting Full-time and click on Continue
  • click on "Continue in Current Program"

THAT'S IT - your ITR is submitted for Year 5 of the combined/dual degree program!