Our IMS Team


Dr. Sarah McLean
Assistant Professor, BMSUE E-Learning Coordinator

Responsibilities: Course development, instructor in Medical Sciences 3900F/G, 4200F/G and 4300F/G.

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Dr. Nicole Campbell
Assistant Professor, IMS Course Developer

Responsibilities: Course development; instructor in Medical Sciences 3900F/G, 4900F/G, 4930F/G and 4931F/G.

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Dr. Stephanie Zukowski
BMSUE Laboratory Coordinator

Responsibilities: Medical Sciences 3900F/G and 4900F/G development and implementation; oversees GTAs in lab courses


Kathy Boon
BMSUE Coordinator,
Departmental Counsellor for the Major and Minor in Medical Sciences

Responsibilities: Oversees academic policies and procedures (ITR, adjudication, course registration) for BMSc and Neuroscience students; provides information about admission and progression to the BMSc and Neuroscience programs