Intent to Register - ITR

Intent to Register (ITR) is the process you must complete to let us know that you want to return for the next Fall/Winter
session and in which module(s) you would like to register.



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  • FAQs about ITR

Your ITR has to be submitted between February 1 and March 31.

To submit your ITR, go to Student Center and click on "Complete My Intent to Register" (under Student Services Links on the right-hand side).

We need to know in which degree/module(s) you would like to register for next year and submitting an ITR is how you give us this information. Only if you submit an ITR will you be able to register for next year's courses.

After ITR:
When your final marks are available in May, we will adjudicate you (determine if you are eligible for your ITR choices) and let you know by posting comments in your Grade Report.

More about ITR:
For General Information and FAQs about ITR, go to the BMSc website.

Should I put Honours Specialization in IMS as my First Choice even if I'm not sure I'll get the marks?
Yes! The only way for us to determine if you're eligible for Honours Specialization in IMS is for you to ask for it. Admission is limited to 180 students and you want to be considered for one of the 180 spots.

Why do some students ask for an Honours Specialization in IMS + a Major in Physiology?
This combination of modules might make sense if you're going into Year 3 and want to have decent access to Physiology and Pharmacology 3000E as your course from Group 3. Check out the constraint charts on the BMSc website to see what kind of access you have to basic medical science courses based on the module in which you might be registered.

Can I complete a Major (or Minor), as well as an Honours Specialization in IMS?
Yes! You won't have very many/any options if you actually complete a Major or Minor, in addition to the Honors Specialization module.

What would make a good Second Choice?
Double Majors (IMS and Physiology Majors, for example) might make a good Second Choice. Look at the strategies for submitting and ITR for Year 3 and for Year 4 for some help.

Who can I ask about which modules to put down as my First and Second Choices?
See Kathy Boon during her drop-in hours for advice about ITR and module choices.

What happens if I don't submit an ITR for next year?
You won't get to register for courses for next year!