Accessing Courses

To access (register for) most basic medical science courses, you have to satisfy both the prerequisites and the constraints that may be in place during online registration. Some basic medical science courses take things one step further and have reserved spaces for certain groups of students.


Each course description in the Academic Calendar specifies the prerequisite courses that you must have completed in order to register in a particular course.

If you don't have the stated prerequisite for a course, then you can contact the departmental counsellor in the department that offers the course to ask if special permission might be granted.

Constraints (priorities and restrictions)

Priorities and restrictions are two types of constraints that may be in place during online registration so that students who are registered in particular modules (and have the prerequisites) are the only students who have access to/can register for the course.

The notes beside each course in the online Academic Timetable specify if constraints are in place for the course.

Courses offered by the various basic medical science departments typically display their constraints in chart form (see the Constraint Charts below).

Special permission to waive the constraints for basic medical science courses is not granted.

Constraint Charts for basic medical science courses

Below are links to the constraint charts for basic medical science courses. Look for the cell that corresponds to your module and then read the legend at the top to figure out if you have priority access. A blank cell means that you don't have priority access and have to wait until priorities lift to access any spaces.