To apply to graduate studies at Western University, it is important that you understand the essential elements of the Western graduate school application. No application will be considered until it is complete. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents (e.g., transcripts, essays, test results such as TOEFL scores, etc.) are submitted by the application deadline of:

December 1st (11:59pm EST)- international applicants

January 10th (11:59pm EST)- domestic applicants

The Program will begin accepting applications each October for entrance to the Program the following May. Applicants must apply online through the Western Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies site. The application for this program involves two stages. Stage 1 includes a completed online application with the information and documentation mentioned below. Applicants moving forward after this intial application review will be invited to Stage 2 by late January, where they will be asked to submit a recorded video with both verbal and written components. Only those applicants moving beyond this stage will be asked for references. Students in Stage 2 may also be invited to a live and informal talk with Program representatives, which will be done via zoom. The anticipated date for offer letters to be issued is mid to late February for international students, and mid to late March for domestic students.

Stage One Requirements:

  • Current resume or CV with contact information, academic background, work and volunteer experience, and leadership (condensed 2-page template) **CV submissions must use this template
  • Scanned copy of transcripts for any postsecondary institutions previously attended or currently attending
  • Scanned copy of all degrees obtained (undergraduate, MA, PhD, MD, etc.)
  • One page (single-spaced, 2.54 cm margins, Arial, size 11, 300 word max) statement of interest addressing the following: Tell us why you are interested in this program, and how it relates to your future aspirations. 
  • One page (single-spaced, 2.54 cm margins, Arial, size 11, 300 word max) document answering the following: Tell us about a wicked problem that you have learned about in your studies or encountered in your personal life. Explain the multi-faceted nature of this problem, and how does it impact medical sciences.
    **Keep in mind a wicked problem is not just a disease or medical condition. We are looking for you to identify the problem, discuss who it impacts, and the implications on society. 
  • References will only be required during stage 2 of the application process. If selected for stage 2, please ensure that you have 2 References readily available; at least one reference should be from an academic source. You will be given instructions on where to submit these references if selected for the shortlist.
  • Proficiency in English Scores, if applicable (You must have the testing service send your score electronically to Western.)
  • Application fee (visit the SGPS website to find current application fee information

Deferral Policy

The Schulich Program in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences MSc, at Western University does not grant requests to defer offers of admission. Applicants who cannot accept their offer of admission are encouraged to apply for the next admissions cycle and note on their application that they received an offer of admission the previous year.