Nicole Campbell, PhD

Nicole Campbell, PhD

Program Director

Research Interests / Specializations: Creating a learner-centred environment where students learn from content and one another and ultimately develop transferable skills
Teaching: Interdisciplinary Skill Development
Jennifer Franco

Jennifer Franco

Program Coordinator

Nica Borradaile, PhD

Nica Borradaile, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Interests / Specializations: Understanding the biochemical and molecular pathways involved in liver and vascular responses to excess lipid
Teaching: Seminar Series
Arthur Brown, PhD

Arthur Brown, PhD


Research Interests / Specializations: Exploring neurological disease and neurodevelopment by initiating studies to address the role of embryonic genetic programs in regeneration and recovery from spinal cord injury
Teaching: Intellectual Property, Implementation, and Commercialization
Thomas  Drysdale, PhD

Thomas Drysdale, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Interests / Specializations: Understanding the molecular events that govern the development of specific organs. In particular, the early development of the cardiovascular system, the lung and thyroid
Teaching: Academic Integrity and Professionalism
Gregory  Gloor, PhD

Gregory Gloor, PhD

Professor Chair, Department of Biochemistry

Research Interests / Specializations: Cell and molecular biology, computational biology, genetics and microbial genomics, and protein co-evolution
Teaching: Data Science
Martin  Duennwald, PhD

Martin Duennwald, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Interests / Specializations: Protein misfolding, neurodegenerative diseases, cellular protein quality control, protein-protein interactions, and yeast models
Teaching: Designing, Analyzing, and Interpreting Medical Science Research
Nicole  Girotti, PhD

Nicole Girotti, PhD

Research Interests / Specializations: Focus on determining best practices in risk mitigation and research safety
Teaching: Ethical Research Practices
Adrian  Owen, PhD

Adrian Owen, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Research Interests / Specializations: Neuroimaging (MRI and EEG) with cognitive studies in brain-injured patients and healthy participants
Teaching: Communicating Science in the 21st Century