Master of Health Sciences (MHSc) in Global Health Systems

Global Health Systems is an inter-faculty professional Master of Health Sciences (MHSc) in Global Health Systems program offered through the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and the Faculty of Health Sciences,Western University.

The Global Health Systems (GHS) program is a one-year (three-term) professional master's degree consisting of eight (8) months of course work followed by a capstone (300 hour) summer practicum.

Program graduates have continued their education in professional schools (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc) OR obtained employment in the health sector associated with national, provincial, and regional government agencies, multinational research firms, and a host of public and private health care agencies.

The program provides incoming students with a cutting-edge curriculum focused on international health, particularly in marginalized populations, while providing the practical skills related to budget and grant management, business development, leadership and grant preparation. Our professors place a high premium on student participation and engagement. Infectious diseases, mental health, lifestyle-related, diseases of poverty are emphasized in the curriculum while teaching the key components of health systems, public health as well as associated cultural practices and research ethics. A key feature of the program is the capstone Field School for a classroom-to-field experience in Africa (generally in May) followed by a two-month summer practicum with placements based on the student’s interest. These experiences enrich the preparation of our graduates and students for project management employment opportunities in health care both in Canada and abroad.

Students are introduced to numerous career opportunities through interactions with international health organizations around the world and with a career-building seminar from key leaders in various NGOs, contract research organizations (CROs), government health care agencies and private industry.