January 2016 Research and Publications

Recent Publications

Shet AS, Zwarenstein M, Mascarenhas M, Risbud A, Atkins S, Klar N, Galanti MR. The Karnataka Anemia Project 2 - design and evaluation of a community-based parental intervention to improve childhood anemia cure rates: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2015 Dec 30;16(1):599.

Fairall L, Bateman E, Cornick R, Faris G, Timmerman V, Folb N, Bachmann M, Zwarenstein M, Smith R. Innovating to improve primary care in less developed countries: towards a global model. BMJ Innov. 2015 Oct;1(4):196-203.

McGlynn N, Wilk P, Luginaah I, Ryan BL, Thind A. Increased use of recommended maternal health care as a determinant of immunization and appropriate care for fever and diarrhoea in Ghana: an analysis pooling three demographic and health surveys. Health Policy Plan. 2015 Sep;30(7):895-905.

Meyer MJ, Teasell R, Thind A, Koval J, Speechley M. A Synthesis of Peer-Reviewed Literature on Team-Coordinated and Delivered Early Supported Discharge After Stroke. Can J Neurol Sci. 2016 Jan 8:1-7.

Bauer GR, Zong X, Scheim AI, Hammond R, Thind A. Factors Impacting Transgender Patients' Discomfort with Their Family Physicians: A Respondent-Driven Sampling Survey.
PLoS One. 2015 Dec 17;10(12):e0145046 eCollection 2015.

Thind A, Hsia R, Mabweijano J, Hicks ER, Zakariah A, Mock CN.
Prehospital and Emergency Care. In: Debas HT, Donkor P, Gawande A, Jamison DT, Kruk ME, Mock CN, editors. Essential Surgery: Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition (Volume 1). Washington (DC): The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank; 2015 Apr 02. Chapter 14.