Job Posting Rates

Thank you very much for showing interest in Family Medicine Residents from Western University - we believe that graduates from Western are the best in the country and have the fundamental training and skills to practice primary care anywhere. Our residents spend their time in various locations throughout southwestern Ontario. There is not one physical location where they can access job information. However, the Family Medicine Residents of Western (FMRW) have their own Facebook page. You can have your requests posted on the FMRW Facebook page for viewing by all the residents. Your ad will also appear in the Postgraduate job posting link. We prefer to receive your information via email: We publish what we receive and cannot be responsible for any spelling or grammatical errors. At least one to two weeks lead time is required for this information to be placed on the FMRW web site. All letters will follow the same format:

One Page ONLY, One Inch Margins, and 10 or 12 Point Font

  1. Position(s) available and start date (include end date, if applicable)
  2. Location and population of community
  3. Local hospital(s) and referral centres
  4. Number of local physicians and type of allied health professionals
  5. Major industry and/or employment opportunities for spouses
  6. Social, recreational and cultural facilities
  7. Contact name, complete address, telephone number, fax number, and E-mail address

We will post your one page request under the job posting section of the FMRW web site. When your information is received, the email will be held until the cheque is received.

Please make your cheque payable to: University of Western Ontario - Dept. of Family Medicine
one month $100 or three months $250

Western University
Dept. of Family Medicine
1465 Richmond Street
1st Floor, WCPHFM
London, ON N6G 2M1

We hope you will take this opportunity to communicate your job/locum position to the next generation of physicians - please note that this is the ONLY way we will be placing these advertisements. You are welcome to visit the FMRW web site.