Third edition of Patient-Centered Medicine book released

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Radcliffe has announced the release of the third edition of Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method, co-authored by researchers from the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine.

In its announcement, Radcliffe says this long awaited edition "fully illuminates the patient-centered model of medicine, continuing to provide the foundation for the Patient-Centered Care series."

The book's authors have been together as an interdisciplinary team for over 30 years as they have developed the patient-centered clinical method and explored the best methods to both teach and research patient-centered care.

"Producing this third edition took over three years of hard work, coupled with serious deliberations of how best to modify and expand the patient-centered clinical method, to reflect the many changes and challenges all health care professionals face today in the care of patients," says co-author Dr. Judith Brown.

"We are extremely excited and proud of this edition. It is the culmination of many years of work and true collaboration. It is dedicated to our mentor and leader Dr. Ian R McWhinney, whom we deeply miss."

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