Celebrating the Extraordinary Work You Do Every Day! Victoria Family Medical Centre receives patient letter

Monday, December 2, 2013

Bonnie Adamson, president and CEO of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), often receives letters of thanks from patients, families, hospital staff, physicians and members of the community who are grateful for the exceptional experiences provided to them by the extraordinary people at LHSC.

We are pleased to share one of those letters with you. The letter below demonstrates how our teaching and care missions can come together to positively impact our patients.

"I write this letter in praise of excellent medical care.

This summer I presented to Victoria Family Medical Centre for my prescription renewal. Since this practice is a teaching facility, medical student Devon Shewfelt greeted me. He asked if I would take the time for a physical as I had not had one in a year. Devon was thorough and professional. When inquiring regarding any symptoms, I revealed my recent changes in urination. A bladder mass was identified on the ultrasound. A papillary tumour has been confirmed by cystoscopy, following referral to Dr. Luke at LHSC. I have had a transurethral resection of the two tumours in my bladder followed by chemo bath.

Had I not needed a prescription renewal and not had the good fortune of being a VFMC patient with Devon Shewfelt's thorough physical exam (under the direction of Dr. Grushka and Dr. Valiquet), I would likely have ignored my early warning signs and gone some time before my mass was discovered.

Jo Anne Willing, Registered Nurse for the clinic, has provided explanation of results and return of concerned phone calls. Her professionalism and compassion are truly appreciated. She will be greatly missed with her now in retirement.

Dr. Luke, Dr. Mamut, Amanda Travers and the 8th floor staff, specifically RNs Donna and Lindsay guided me through my hospitalization and now ongoing care.

My family and I are forever grateful for early detection. My quality of life and longevity will forever be directly related to excellence in complete medical care provided by the Victoria Family Medical Centre and LHSC.

Thank you,
A grateful patient"