Graduate Report

The 2022-23 Family Medicine graduate programs academic year launched in a hybrid format on September 19th. This year we welcomed two new MClSc students –and four PhD students.  It was exciting to have some of our new and returning students from across the globe with us in person for a few weeks.

We welcome Amanda Mazza as the new Graduate Program Coordinator.

We are pleased to announce and congratulate our Graduate Program award winners for the 2022 year:

  • Dr. Wm. Victor Johnson Award in Family Medicine - Drs. Anne Robinson, Keith Wong (MClSc)
  • Dr. John F. Sangster Graduate Studies Family Medicine Award – Drs. Tania Rubaiyyat, Shirley Schipper (MClSc)
  • Martin J. Bass/PSI Foundation Award – Drs. Nisha Arora, Anne Robinson (MClSc)


We are proud to announce that Dr. Gustavo Gusso was the recipient of the Schulich Alumni of Distinction Award - Young Alumni Award for 2022.  Dr. Gustavo Gusso is a MClSc Graduate (2010).  Dr. Gusso enrolled in the MClSc Program because of his deep desire and commitment to gain knowledge and expertise in the theory and practice of Family Medicine as a clinician, teacher and researcher. He was drawn to the program as he had read the works of eminent writers such as Dr. Ian R. McWhinney (First Chair of Family Medicine at Western University) and the work conducted here at Western on the Patient-Centered Clinical Method led by Dr. Moira Stewart. The knowledge and skills Dr. Gusso acquired during his tenure in the MClSc prepared him to disseminate this expertise as the President of the Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine (2008-2012).

Dr. Gusso has been deeply committed to making the core principles of Family Medicine accessible to Portuguese speaking Family Physicians – in particular those in Brazil. To achieve this goal, he undertook the role of shepherding the translation of the Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method, Stewart et al. 2014 and The Textbook of Family Medicine, McWhinney I.R. These were two publications authored by faculty here at Western University who he had an opportunity to meet and study with during his time as a student in the MClSc Program.

We were delighted that Dr. Gusso was able to come to London to receive his award and to meet with our MClSc / PhD students and faculty. 

Lastly, we extend our tremendous thanks to Liz McInnis for her 15 years of service to the MClSc & PhD programs, and her contributions, gifts and ongoing commitment to the program.  Liz has helped shepherd 47 MClSc and three PhDs to the successful completion of their degrees. All the students and faculty have highlighted her caring, availability and affability. We will miss you Liz and wish you well in your new position.

Drs Judy Belle Brown, Gustavo Gusso, Moira Stewart and Tom Freeman