Undergraduate Report

It’s CaRMS time! Thank you to everyone who participated in CaRMS interviews with the soon-to-be-graduating medical students over the past few weeks. Match day is April 12 and we look forward to welcoming our new group of incoming PGY1s.

Fourth-year students will soon be out on post-CaRMS electives, so it’s a great time to talk to them about Western and a career in Family Medicine. The CFPC has put together a resource – 12 points to consider when talking to a medical student about a career in Family Medicine. Access it here https://portal.cfpc.ca/ResourcesDocs/uploadedFiles/Education/twelve-talking-tips-ENG-Web.pdf. A HUGE thank you to all the adjunct faculty who are supporting these fourth-year electives.

Year 2 Longitudinal Clinical Elective students have begun their time in our workplaces and it’s great to see new keen faces.  We thank you for offering them their first clinical experiences.  As this class has had limited face-to-face time with patients.  Happy Spring!