Chair's Message - Congratulations Graduates

It’s hard to believe it is already my fifth month serving as the Chair/Chief for Family Medicine. Wow, has time ever flown by! It has been a rewarding first several months as I have had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the full time clinical and research faculty in the Department and hear about the rich and diverse work they are doing. I have also heard about the challenges they have faced working and teaching through the pandemic. It’s clear everyone is ready for a break. I hope that, as we approach the end of the academic year and move into summer, we continue to see low rates of COVID, ongoing lifting of restrictions, and the chance for us all to enjoy a more normal summer, including having time for much needed holidays.

As we work towards getting to the end of June, we will celebrate the research and quality improvement projects of our residents at the annual Resident Project Day. On June 22nd, we will hold Resident Graduation when we will formally acknowledge the accomplishments of this “COVID Cohort” of residents. It is remarkable how this group of residents has adapted to learning alongside of exceptional care delivery during the pandemic. Congratulations to our graduating residents! Before we know it, July 1st will hit and our new group of residents will be on service with us, keen to learn the nuances of family medicine and patient-centred care.

As this our last newsletter until September, I want to wish everyone a great summer and encourage you to take some time for rest, relaxation, and self-care. Unfortunately, we can’t predict what the fall may bring, so don’t miss this window to recharge. Best regards and thanks for all you do! As always, never hesitate to reach out: or @FMChairChief on Twitter.