Undergraduate Report

Welcome to 2022 – we were so close!

What a difference 2 months can make… we were on the verge of launching the Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE) but then the Omicron wave has hit! I hope everyone has been able to make the necessary adjustments (virtual care, home school, etc.) and has been staying safe and feeling well. Clerkship has continued on – thank you to the preceptors who continue to show our medical students the flexibility and resiliency of Family Medicine and to you ongoing commitment to your patients.

The LCE has been postponed, but not canceled. As the Omicron wave stabilizes, Undergraduate Medical Education is still planning a modified LCE for Meds2024 (current second year class) only. We hope to have each member of this class complete 6 half-day placements before the end of the school year. This particular group has had limited clinical exposure and will be heading into clerkship in just 7 months!

If you previously signed up as an LCE supervisor and are no longer able to participate, please email shazia.donachie@schulich.uwo.ca to advise. Alternatively, if you didn’t sign-up and are willing to have a student (or two!) shadow you for 6 half-days in late winter and spring, please email and sign-up. A stipend is available for adjunct faculty.

In other undergraduate updates, the plans to resume in-person learning at the Medical School was paused, but will start to proceed in February 2022 in a graduate fashion, starting with small groups and eventually large group sessions. All observerships at London Health Sciences Centre have been suspended until at least February 7, 2022. The Meds2023 class has been informed that travelling electives have been canceled. 

Lastly, the Interview Weekend for Medicine Admissions is the last critical step in our School selecting the final candidates for the Class of Meds 2026. Interview Weekend(s) encompass a Saturday and Sunday of two weekends in March. Interviews are conducted with candidates by a team of one physician, one medical student and one community member. All are key to the success in reviewing the applicants who aspire to be future physician graduates from the Schulich Medicine Doctor of Medicine Program. The Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Admissions Office invites your assistance to identify and support us with additional physicians and community members who will participate in a full day as Virtual Interviewers on March 5, 6, 26 or 27, 2022.

We are facing a shortage of interviewers with the recent decline of participation by individuals who previously confirmed. They are no longer available due to ongoing demands of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We would value your support in considering personally being involved or sharing this with a colleague who might be interested.

For additional information and to register, please click the URL below by January 31:


Thanks for your commitment to undergraduate education and please never hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Dr. Scott McKay, Undergraduate Education Director – smckay28@uwo.ca