Postgraduate Report

COVID-19 reminder for FM residents:

Please follow the guidelines of the local public health unit, centre, or hospital if you have any questions related to symptoms or exposure to COVID-19. If you are on a leave related to COVID-19, you are required to report this leave to the FM Office ( If you have any questions at all, please email Independent Learning Plans will be required for nonsymptomatic residents on leave.

Medical Resident Redeployment Program (MRRP)

PARO regularly has updates regarding the MRRP eligibility and funding. This is a voluntary program and residents opting to participate would be assigned to provide additional patient care outside of normal hours of their training program. For more details please visit the PARO website for eligibility and funding questions: 

Resident Wellness

The Family Medicine Postgraduate team encourages all to be aware of their role in supporting the health, mental health, and wellbeing of all those who are part of our Family Medicine program, especially given the pandemic and option to participate in additional patient care above and beyond the training program. The Resident Wellness policy lists responsibilities of both Residents and Residency training program members:

Faculty Advisor Program:

It is time to complete Periodic Review Forms in One45. The purpose of the Faculty Advisor Program is to provide longitudinal mentoring and educational support and guidance for our residents. Residents should contact their Faculty Advisor to arrange to meet three times per year. To help you prepare for the Faculty Advisor meeting, residents will be asked to log into MyFM to document their progress in the program using field notes, academic credits, and procedure logs. There will be a tab under “Resident Assessment” where residents can download the Periodic Review Form with associated data from MyFM already populated. Before meeting with their Faculty Advisor, Residents should download the form and reflect on the areas asked within the Periodic Review Form. During the meeting, the Resident and Faculty Advisor will complete the Periodic Review Form together within One45. Residents will receive email reminders three times a year to assist with the process.

Program Recruitment Events

  • Family Medicine Virtual Info Session for first year Applicants #2: Wed. Jan. 19, 6:30pm: Rural/Distributed Core Sites
  • Family Medicine Resident Q&A: Wed. Jan. 26, 6:30pm
  • DOFM Interviewer Orientation: Feb. 23, 2022, 1:30pm
  • 2022 Interview Dates: Tentative schedule: Feb. 25, Mar. 2, Mar. 5, Mar. 6, Mar. 9, (if required: Mar. 12 and Mar. 13), and Apr. 27 (2nd iteration)
  • Match Day: Apr. 12, 2022