Chair's Message - Teaching Opportunities

One of the casualties of the COVID pandemic has been the limitations on quality teaching experiences for our undergraduate medical students. Experiential placements and small group teaching have been reduced or severely limited by COVID restrictions.

Now that the end of the pandemic is in sight and the medical school curriculum is being revitalized, there is an excellent opportunity for both our full and part-time faculty members to re-engage with teaching medical students the best about family medicine, both in your own clinical settings and at the medical school.

Vaccination rates for students and faculty are high. Masking and physical distancing rules provide additional safety. This is the time to take advantage of the teaching opportunities that are available, both in your clinical setting and at the medical school itself.

The Longitudinal Clinical Experience is being re-instituted starting in January. First and second year students will complete a small number of half day experiences as observers in family physician offices and clinics. A modest stipend is available for teachers. These in-person experiences, observing family physicians at work, are tremendously influential when students finally make their career choices.

Several other undergraduate teaching opportunities exist ranging from academic coaching to Quality Improvement advisor, to small group facilitator, (not content expert). Contact the medical school or  or send me a message and I will make sure you are involved.

Teaching students is a boost to your morale and a very satisfying experience. Students remember their teachers and mentors and speak highly about them for a long time after. Teaching by our part-time community-based faculty provide some of the best family medicine experiences for students.

As always, I welcome your feedback at or @DOCSJW on Twitter