Graduate Program Report

Graduate students are busy with the second half of their full credit courses as they also deal on the front lines with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Congratulations to Drs. Julie Copeland and Reema Ray who completed the MClSc Program in December.  They will both graduate in February (in Absentia February Convocation).

Current MClSc Student Article Published: 

Kaneko, M., Ohta, R., Vingilis, E. et al. Systematic scoping review of factors and measures of rurality: toward the development of a rurality index for health care research in Japan. BMC Health Serv Res 21, 9 (2021).

A reminder that our Graduate Program (MClSc/PhD) applications opened January 1.  It would be greatly appreciated if you would keep our programs in mind when speaking with residents and colleagues in Canada and internationally with a strong interest in teaching/research and send them our way.