Undergraduate Program Report

Ask Undergrad. Do you have questions about Family Medicine Undergraduate Education? Do you want to supervise students or deliver small or large group teaching sessions? Have feedback or questions about clerkship placements? This is your chance to ask your questions. Answers to common questions will be in next month’s newsletter. Please send questions to Scott McKay, Department of Family Medicine Undergraduate Education Director, at smckay28@uwo.ca.

Student placement requests coming. Optional Clinical Learning Opportunities (OCLOs), formerly observerships, will be restarting within the next month. As well, 4th year students will have extra electives scheduled post-CaRMS interviews during the period March 29- May 7, 2021. Third year students will also have two, 2-week selectives at the end of clerkship during August 2021.

Still recruiting. We are looking for two or three adjunct faculty to join the Department of Family Medicine Undergraduate Education committee. The committee meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. to review, discuss and plan all things undergraduate Family Medicine. If you are interested in participating in and influencing the undergraduate education experience, please email sckay28@uwo.ca for more information.

As always thanks for your dedication to Undergraduate Education. Stay safe and keep well.