Department Spotlight: Ms. Adrienne Wakabayashi

2020 was all about virtual, and now 2021 is following suit. As such, we will be virtually profiling our administrative staff as they continue to work from home and keep our Department on track and meeting its strategic goals. Ms. Adrienne Wakabayashi is celebrating five years in the Department of Family Medicine as of April 24.

What do you most enjoy about your role in the Department?

What I enjoy most is the opportunity to work with residents and faculty members in helping them to design, implement, and complete quality improvement and research initiatives. My goal is to foster resident interest in scholarly activities. I’m constantly inspired by how motivated and talented our residents and faculty members are.

What’s been your most memorable experience while working in the Department?

There have been so many departmental events, from the McWhinney Lecture, to CaRMS, to Obstetrical Skills Day to Resident Project Day. We have lots of excellent teamwork on these events, and it’s always really nice to see our collaboration come to fruition.

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

I would probably say my education, both formal and informal. I have a personal philosophy/commitment to continuous learning. I’m privileged to have had many opportunities to learn and grow here at Western.

What do you like to do outside of work, or how you enjoy spending your free time? 

I really enjoy spending time with family and friends. For my community, I’m a volunteer tutor with the London Learning Centre, where I help adults with literacy and numeracy challenges achieve their learning goals. You’ll find me outside in the summer, either swinging a bat on a ball diamond or swinging clubs trying to improve my golf game. Baking desserts feeds my penchant for technical precision, science/chemistry, and my sweet tooth. These lemon blueberry scones are a favourite recipe that is perfect for spring (and yes, they do turn out best when you freeze and grate the butter!). I look forward to bringing in treats again once we’re back in the office!