Department Spotlight: Meet Dr. Adam Loennberg



What is your education background? 

I went to medical school in Poland at Wroclaw Medical University. In European countries you go directly from High School to University studies.


Why did you choose family medicine? 

I want know my patients. I want to be able to follow them through life. But I also love every aspect of medicine, so what better speciality than Family Medicine?


Why did you choose to pursue your residency at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry? 

I am originally from a small city in Sweden called Västerås. I met my wife in Wroclaw, Poland where we both went to medical school. My wife is born and raised in Windsor, ON. She's also a PGY3 in Psychiatry here in Windsor. This alone made Schulich Medicine, and in particular the Windsor Program, my goal.


Have you had mentors throughout your training?  

Many people have come and gone, but my main mentors have been my wife and my parents. My parents for always believing in me and supporting me moving to Poland for Medical School. And my wife for showing me that with enough hard work, matching into family medicine in Canada, is possible. 


What is the greatest lesson you have learned from your patients so far? 

See the person, not the symptom.


What activities are you involved with that help bring balance in your life? How have they prepared you for residency?

I enjoy Woodwork & Gardening. I also play the drums & do a lot of BBQing. I am also involved in an organization called WE Care for Kids. A non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for local paediatric programs in Windsor-Essex.


What TV Series are you currently watching/What book are you currently reading?

TV series: Archer and a Swedish show called Solsidan. Book: When breath becomes air, by Paul Kalanithi.


How has the pandemic shaped your current experience/residency?

Being a PGY1 I don't really have a reference. This has been my only residency experience. It has shown me a different way to practice medicine, via telephone.