Meet the Administrative Staff – Ms. Kelsey Klages

2020 has been all about virtual. As such, we will be virtually profiling our administrative staff as they continue to work from home and keep our Department on track and meeting its strategic goals. Ms. Kelsey Klages is approaching nine years in the Department come November 23, and five years as the Manager of our Postgraduate Program.

What do you most enjoy about your role in the Department? 

I feel respected and valued for the work I do in the department. At the same time, I feel surrounded by a group of driven administrators, faculty, and residents who care about their communities and the program. It is exciting to work within this group to contribute to new and challenging projects and opportunities that arrive. 

What’s been your most memorable experience while working in the Department?

I’ve made many memories over the years with my colleagues in the department, from funny mishaps at the office to adventures during site visits with the program directors. I’m lucky to work with this team!

What’s your greatest accomplishment? 

There have been many changes I’ve faced in my role (e.g. transition of team members, changing accreditation requirements and program funding, pandemic impacts). I take pride in how I respond in the face of change, knowing that we can and will find our way.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

With Covid-19, some of my activities such as travel and team sports have changed. This year, I’ve become more outdoorsy and have explored trails around London. I’ve also bought a kayak and enjoy taking it out on the Thames!