Obstetrical Skills Day

The Department of Family Medicine’s 7th annual Obstetrical Skills Day looks a bit different this year. Typically, this is an in-person, hands-on, half-day teaching session where Family Medicine residents come together to learn skills for delivering low-risk intrapartum care. 

"The goal is to get residents keen and interested in OB training early on," said Dr. Laura Lyons. "We hope that these types of experiences will entice residents to consider OB as a part of their comprehensive family medicine practice."

In order to follow public health guidelines and reduced capacity, we’re offering three sessions this year and we have reduced the teaching to offer only stations that have essential hands-on learning with low- and high-fidelity models.

"Many skills just cannot be taught remotely," said Dr. Lyons. "To be able to work together to learn how to maneuver instruments is the most effective way to acquire certain physical manipulative skills."

We successfully hosted our first event on November 11 with 25 resident attendees. We look forward to hosting the next two groups of PGY1 residents on Feb 3 and Feb 17.

"It was terrific to be in a room with residents again even though we were all socially distanced and wearing masks," said Dr. Lyons. "It was still a good interactive session."

Special thanks to our faculty and senior resident instructors.