Family Medicine Forum FMF

Family Medicine Forum was a virtual meeting held November 4 – 7, 2020. This year Family Medicine staff, faculty, residents and graduate students were well represented in oral and poster presentations. Congratulations to the Award winners: CFPC Resident Research Award, Dr. Forson Chan; CFPC Family Medicine Resident Scholarship, Dr. Lawrence Yau; and the Family Medicine Resident Awards for Scholarly Achievement; Drs. Ahmed Mahdi and Matthew Renaud.

Oral Presentations

How Should Evidence Change Practice: Choice, policy or crisis?

Carol Herbert, MD, BSc, MD, DSc, CCFP, FCFP, FCAHS, FRACGP(Hon)

Opioids: The big picture

Henry Chapeskie BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, CAME, Mark Dube MD

Cross-Case Analysis of Interprofessional Team-Based Care for COPD

Shannon L. Sibbald PhD, Bianca R Ziegler, Rachelle Maskell MSc, Karen Schouten MSc

Poster Presentations

Performance of Symptom Checkers in Patient Triage for Simulated and Adult Patients

Forson Chan MD, Simon Lai MD, Marcus Pieterman MSc, Lisa Richardson MSc, Amanda Singh BSc, Jocelynn Peters BSc, Alex Toy BSc, Caroline Piccininni MSc, Taiysa Rouault BSc, Kristie Wong MD, James K Quong MD, Adrienne T. Wakabayashi MSc, Anna Pawelec-Brzychczy MD

Training Office-Based Point-of-Care Ultrasonography in Family Medicine

Alvin Yang MD, Obaidullah Khan MD, Lawrence Yau MD, Kyle Carter MD CCFP (EM), Daniel Grushka MSc, MD CCFP (EM) FCFP

Prioritizing Coordination of Primary Healthcare

Vaidehi Misra BHSc, Kimia Sedig BHSc, David R. Dixon MD, MClSc(FM), Shannon L. Sibbald MSc PhD

Spread and Sustainability: Integrated, Team-Based COPD Care - Work-in-progress

Shannon L. Sibbald MSc PhD, Vaidehi Misra BHSc

Safe Supply: A harm reduction approach

Austin Elliott BScH, Katelyn Inch, Brenna Velker MD PhD CCFP

Demographics and Attitudes Influencing Family Physician Acquisition

Manni Singh, MD