Postgraduate Program Report

Faculty Advisor Program:

It is time to complete Periodic Review Forms in One45.

The purpose of the Faculty Advisor Program is to provide longitudinal mentoring and educational support and guidance for our residents. Residents will have an assigned Faculty Advisor, the Faculty Member who will be supervising during family medicine block training. Residents should contact their Faculty Advisor to arrange to meet three times per year.

To help you prepare for the Faculty Advisor meeting, residents will be asked to log into MyFM to document their progress in the program using field notes, academic credits, and procedure logs. There will be a tab under “Resident Assessment” where residents can download the Periodic Review Form with associated data from MyFM already populated. Before meeting with their Faculty Advisor, Residents should download the form and reflect on the areas asked within the Periodic Review Form. During the meeting, the Resident and Faculty Advisor will complete the Periodic Review Form together within One45. Residents will receive email reminders three times a year to assist with the process.

Triple C update: There are some exciting new changes coming July 1, 2019 to MyFM. Category 1 Enhanced Skills programs will soon have customized field notes mapped to their competencies and entrustable professional activities.

Program Policies: In preparation for the start of the new academic year, please take a moment to review the program policies. They can be found at this link “Policies”.

Residency Awards: You should have received an email regarding the awards that are given out at graduation. Please consider putting forward a nomination to acknowledge the excellent work that our residents and faculty are doing.

CFPC Family Medicine Longitudinal Survey: We are working collaboratively with the CFPC and other programs in Canada to survey residents using a national survey tool. The purpose is to study the educational experience and practice intentions of our residents at three different stages: on entry, exit and at 3-5 years after program completion. The exit survey will go out to graduates after the exam and two followup emails will be sent. This survey will help us to make changes to our program. Please encourage residents to complete the survey. All responses are confidential and only aggregate data will be shared, no individual responses will be released. 

CanERA Annual Survey of Faculty for Residency Accreditation: Core FM Faculty will soon be invited to take part in a brief survey on various aspects of residency program quality, such as the learning environment. This survey is part of the new Canadian system of residency accreditation known as CanERA (Canadian Excellence in Residency Accreditation) and is intended to inform continuous improvement and accreditation of your residency program. 

In 2019-20, the survey is being tested for "proof of concept" as part of the CanERA implementation phase. Your participation is important in establishing initial validity and reliability measures of the survey data, as well as determining the value of the questions and the process. Your responses will be entirely anonymous, with additional confidentiality safeguards in place for small programs. The data obtained from this survey will not be part of the upcoming accreditation review for your program in 2019-20.

Questions? Please feel free to contact CanRAC at or the Postgraduate Medical Education Office (, if you have any questions about the survey or the new accreditation system. Additionally, you are welcome to visit

Important Dates:

These are some important dates coming up over the next year:

  • June 12, 2019 – Resident Project Day
  • June 14, 2019 – Graduation Celebration