Graduate Program Report

Congratulations to:

  • Les Lee (Singapore) who successfully defended his PhD thesis on June 3 and to Dr. Amanda Pendergast (Newfoundland) who also successfully defended her MClSc thesis on June 18.


The following students graduated from the MClSc program at the June 14 Convocation celebration:

  • Britta Laslo (in absentia February)
  • Caroline Rebicki (not in attendance)
  • Sajitha Rahman (in absentia February)
  • Jamie Wickett (in attendance)

The Dr. John F. Sangster Graduate Studies Family Medicine award winners for the 2019 year are Dr. Melad Marbeen (MClSc) and Dr. Sudit Ranade (PhD).

We welcome Dr. Jamie Wickett to the MClSc Program as a part of the Teaching and Learning teaching team and the APCM teaching team.

Preparation is under way to welcome the new cohort and returning MClSc and PhD students as we launch the 2019-20 academic year with the on-site sessions from September 16 - 27, 2019 at the Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine.