Graduate Program Report

I am pleased to report a very successful MClSc / PhD on-site that commenced on September 17 and culminated with the Ian McWhinney Lecture on September 26.  We congratulate our current PhD students’ - Dr. Kamila Premji (Patients’ Access to Primary Care) and Dr. Helena Piccinini-Vallis (Women’s Gestational Weight and Their Children’s BMI) on their excellent presentations showcased at the Dr. Ian McWhinney Lecture Series Day.

This year we launched the 2018-19 academic year with two new MClSc students (Drs. Nisha Arora, Rimpy Cheema) and one PhD student (Dr. Labib Girgis). Ten graduate students participated in various classes during the on-site.

The Martin J. Bass PSI Foundation Award and the Dr. John F. Sangster Graduate Program Awards in Family Medicine were presented at our Graduate Programs Reception on September 20. The Martin J. Bass award recipients this year were Drs. Kyle Carter and Daniel Pepe, and the Dr. John F. Sangster Graduate Program award recipients were Drs. Reema Ray and Anne Robinson.

Congratulations to Dr. Britta Laslo who successfully defended her thesis (Transitions in Medical Education) on Monday, September 17.