Graduate Program Report

Congratulations to Dr. Britta Laslo for a successful thesis defence on September 24, 2018 (see a video of Dr. Laslo’s public lecture here) and to Dr. Clarissa Burke who graduated at the October 24, 2018 Convocation ceremony.

Dr. Judith Brown attended NAPCRG in Chicago and FMF in Toronto and was actively recruiting for the MClSc and PhD programs. 

Several of our current MClSc and PhD students presented at NAPCRG.  We congratulate them on successful presentations:

Dr. Makoto Kaneko – Japan – MClSc student

Does Better Patient Experience Reduce Admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions? Multicentered Prospect Cohort Study in Isolated Islands - Makoto Kaneko, MD, PhD; Takuya Aoki, MD, MHA; Masafumi Funato; Keita Yamashiro; Kaku Kuroda; Moe Kuroda; Yusuke Saishoji; Tatsuya Sakai; Syo Yonaha; Kazuhisa Motomura

EMPOWER-Japan Study (Elderly Mortality Patients Observed Within the Existing Residence) - Takamasa Watanabe, MD, PhD; Masato Matsushima; Makoto Kaneko, MD, PhD; Ken-Ichi Yokobayashi, MD; Yasuki Fujinuma, MD

Dr. Kamila Premji – Ottawa – PhD student

Does Patient-Reported Access to Primary Care Correlate With Access Bonus Achievement? A Study of an Ontario “Pay-for-Performance” Incentive Payment - Kamila Premji, MD; Bridget Ryan, MSc, PhD; William Hogg, MD; Richard Glazier, MD, MPH; Walter Wodchis, PhD; Eliot Frymire, MA, BEd; Thomas Freeman, MD; Tara Kiran, MD; Michael E Green, MD, MPH

Early Results in Studying Primary Care Reform and its Impact on Patients With no Attachment to Primary Health Care Providers in Ontario, 2016/17  - Michael Green, MD, MPH; Kamila Premji, MD; Eliot Frymire, MA, BEd; Imaan Bayoumi, MD, MSc; Peter Gozdyra, MA; Liisa Jaakkimainen, MD, MSc, FCFP, CCFP; Tara Kiran, MD; Aisha Lofters, MD, PhD; Richard Glazier, MD, MPH

Dr. Jane Uygur – Ireland – PhD student

The Physician Compassion Barometer: Patient Need and Physician Capability in the Enactment of Compassion - Jane Uygur, BA, MD, CCFP, MClSc; Judith Brown, PhD; Carol Herbert, MD, CCFP