Update to MyFM V2.0

On June 23, 2015, MyFM will undergo a considerable update to include many new features which are outlined below.  Please review the exciting changes that are coming soon.


  • Softer/brighter user interface that more accurately represents the Schulich and Western brand.
  • Browser detection notifies the user in the top header bar when using outdated browsers.  As with most modern web applications created today, modern browsers are highly recommended to fully take advantage of the site features.  Tested and recommended browsers include Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE9+, Safari Mobile, most Android mobile browsers, and most Black Berry phone browsers.  Using an outdated browser such as Internet Explorer 8 will experience poor performance but should function.
  • Embedded page documentation accessible on each by clicking the question mark on the top right of the page.

 Resident Assessment System

  • New comprehensive progress summary including procures log totals.
  • Date ranged progression graph that displays field notes correlating faculty impression accumulation over time.
  • Filter graphs and charts by competency, skill, type, age group and gender.
  • Update field note resident/faculty if the field note has not been reviewed.
  • Procedural Skills details tab outlining logged and remaining procedures.  

New Field Note Form

  • Competency, skill, and type counters display the total assessed for the selected resident.
  • Selecting “Procedural Skills” introduces new “Procedure” and “Resident role in procedure” fields to input.
  • Residents can complete a field note when the evaluator is not family medicine home based, but are required to provide the supervisor name and role.  This case accommodates self-assessment and when logging procedures on off-service rotations.   The supervisor is not required to review these types of field notes.

Field Note Review

  • When reviewing a field note you now have the ability to provide additional feedback on the encounter, even when you agree the details outlined are accurate. 
  • Field notes that encapsulate a procedural skill display the recorded procedure information.

Please review the above changes and if you have any technical questions or experience difficulties prior to or after the upgrade, contact don.cvetkovic@schulich.uwo.ca for support.