Dr. Amit Garg


Dr. Amit Garg, M.D., PhD

P: 519.685.8500 ext 77867 (primary)
P: 519.685.8502 (secondary)
E-mail: agargadmin@lhsc.on.ca 


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Research Interests

  • I believe the discovery and application of high-quality information will prevent cases of kidney disease and improve outcomes for those who receive dialysis or kidney transplants to sustain life.
  • I have research experiences to share, having published 450+ studies collaborating with 1000+ different authors from 50+ international centres.
  • I enjoy working with enthusiastic post-doctoral students, graduate students, residents and medical trainees in multi-disciplinary team-based environments (which includes patients and healthcare administrators). Motivated students with and without a health care background have been strongly supported resulting in substantial academic success: first author papers in leading medical journals, investigators in peer reviewed grants, acquiring skills in research methods / statistical analysis / project management / research communication, research awards and scholarships, podium presentations at international meetings and work featuring in the popular media.
  • There are many ongoing examples where trainee work has had a substantial impact, for example: showing how un-safe prescribing practices cause preventable harm (JAMA 2019, CMAJ 2019, JAMA 2013, Ann Intern Med 2013, 2014), informing policies to prevent deaths on the transplant waiting list (Ann Intern Med 2010), dispelling a common myth that registering for organ donation compromises the registrant’s future healthcare (JAMA 2014), research that is frequently cited in litigation proceedings to compensate victims of toxigenic bacterial infections from food and water mishandling (CMAJ 2013), developing high-performance information filters that are freely available online to better retrieve kidney information from PubMed and other bibliographic databases (BMJ 2009) and advancing the practice and safety of living kidney donation (NEJM 2014, BMJ 2012).
  • Student Trainee Success (PDF, 1MB). Students interested in discussing potential projects and opportunities can contact Dr. Garg’s Administrative Assistant, either by phone 519.685.8500 ext 77867, or email agargadmin@lhsc.on.ca for further information.


  • MD University of Toronto
  • FRCPC Internal Medicine, McMaster University
  • FACP Nephrology, University of Western Ontario
  • MA Education, University of Toronto
  • PhD Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University

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