Seminar Series: Bhautesh Jani, GP

Risk assessment, multimorbidity and personalised medicine in primary care: One size does not fit all!


Bhautesh Jani, GP


General Practice and Primary Care
School of Health and Wellbeing
University of Glasgow

Short Biography:
Dr. Jani is an academic General Practitioner (GP) and a clinical senior lecturer at University of Glasgow in Scotland, UK. He has been practicing in NHS for 19 years and academic medicine for 12 years. At University of Glasgow, He is the theme lead for “solutions focussed research” within his institute, which focuses on development, evaluation, and implementation of healthcare interventions. In NHS, Dr. Jani the clusters quality lead GP for Bellshill locality (North Lanarkshire) and leading the quality improvement activities for 7 GP practices and >40,000 patients. He is currently the national co-lead for the primary care research network in Scotland which is a Scottish government funded network tasked with enabling research recruitment from GP practices in Scotland.

Health care delivery, in particular, prevention and chronic disease management in NHS is often organised using a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Age is the most frequently used risk assessment tool in this context. While age is a very powerful predictor of healthcare outcomes, it is often a blunt instrument, and there is a scope for huge improvements. Health care is going through an information transformation where large amounts of electronic healthcare records are often made available for research, and we have powerful modern day analytical tools available to process this huge data. A personalised approach in risk assessment can be a useful tool in meeting the challenge of rising prevalence of chronic diseases and multimorbidity.

Multimorbidity, Personalised primary care, Primary care mental health


Date: Friday, September 15th
Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Location: PHFM 3015 (Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine)