Community Outreach

As an institution responsible for training tomorrow's dental professionals, one of our many goals at Schulich Dentistry is to instill the importance of social responsibility and community outreach in our students. These values are demonstrated through the students' participation in the Dental Outreach Community Services (DOCS), and Oral Health Total Health (OHTH) programs.


Founded by Dr. Kenneth Wright and now overseen by Dr. Les Kalman, DOCS provides free access to oral health care to those in the community without the means or dental coverage to otherwise be able to access care. To reinforce the importance of these ideals, in 2012, DOCS was built the curriculum, requiring each student to contribute and benefit from the expanded scope of understanding and exposure to the wider community that DOCS provides. For more information, please visit the DOCS page.

Oral Health, Total Health

Our second community outreach project is the Oral Health, Total Health program. This program is managed entirely by students, including all fundraising, and culminates in the facilitation of Sharing Smiles Day - a fun-filled day where students provide oral hygiene instruction to patients with special needs. More information can be found on the Oral Health/Total Health page.