June 2019 Newsletter

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    Celebrating convocation with the Class of 2019

    Spirit and pride filled the air at Schulich Medicine’s Convocation ceremony. The Medicine Class of 2019 walked across the stage, accepted their hoods and moved on to a new chapter in their lives.

  • decorative imageTeaching roots run deep in the medicial profession
    This year at convocation, one of our colleagues reminded the graduates and audience that the term "doctor" comes from the Latin "docere" or, to teach. We teach our colleagues, our patients, their families, friends and, of course, our students.

  • decorative imageYou’re off this summer, but we’re still here for you
    With the summer months comes transition for our learners. For some, change can be exciting, while others may feel overwhelmed. The LEW office is here to support you through the transitions during the summer and all other times of the year.

  • decorative imageBest wishes in your future endeavours
    As the year comes to a close, the Hippo Council wants to take a moment to say thank you to the faculty and staff for working so hard to make our experience at the Schulich Medicine – Windsor Campus special.

  • decorative imageResident Spotlight: Adrianna Bruni, PGY 2, Family Medicine
    During her fourth year of undergraduate medical studies, Dr. Adrianna Bruni took some electives at the Schulich Medicine – Windsor Campus with Drs. Dale Ziter and Lawrence Aoun. She was so impressed by how dedicated they were to their community that she knew she had to be part of it.

  • decorative imageCelebrating the Medicine Class of 2019 with Cindos Barakat
    In late August 2015, Cindos Barakat had the good fortune to become part of a second family as a member of the Medicine Class of 2019. “From day one, my classmates have been so supportive, kind and compassionate, and they have helped to create such a positive culture. I really can’t imagine life before or without them,” she said.

  • decorative imageWomen in Medicine mentorship evening
    The Women in Medicine group organized an evening of mentorship with speed networking. The evening gave medical students a chance to chat with physicians in specialized fields and talk about aspects of medicine unique to women.

  • decorative imagePrescription for fun
    Melissa Cowell, Michael Cameron, Aaron Wang, Connor Pepper and Aleksa Zubic, Medicine Class of 2021, developed a series of events for their peers thanks to the support from the Prescription for Fun Award.

  • decorative imageAn unexpected path
    After three years as a registered nurse, Dr. Jody Stasko went back to medical school to become an emergency medicine doctor. She always loved science and biology but didn’t know she wanted to be a physician.

  • decorative imageIndigenous Leader in Residence
    A new position for an Indigenous Leader in Residence has been created at the School. This new leader will act as the champion for all aspects of the School’s Indigenous Health Action Plan and guide the School as it strives to achieve the goals set out by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action specifically related to health care education.

  • decorative imageFaculty facilitators needs to support MD curriculum
    Faculty will be the key to the success of the MD Program curriculum renewal, and there is a new opportunity for faculty to be involved in a number of roles including coaches, facilitators, mentors and others. Learn more about these roles and how you can become involved.

  • decorative imageBringing healing into focus
    Researchers wanted to better understand what gave some dialysis patients the resilience to remain hopeful, outward looking and enjoying a rich life, while at the same time healing. They gave dialysis patients cameras to document their lives outside the dialysis unit to glimpse into their lives and better understand the healing journey.

  • Thinking about an event?
    The Communications & Marketing team is here to help, and have put together a full list of tips and tricks for your planning.