Social Media for Event Promotion

These guidelines will help you use social media effectively to promote and share School events. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please connect with the Communications Team via email at

Before Your Event

Note, please review the Tips & Tricks to Event Planning Guide.

Events Calendars

Have you submitted your event to the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and Western Events Calendars? These public calendars appear on the School’s homepage and the University’s homepage. Submit your event online

Banners, posters and images

Create web banners, posters and social media images that can be used to share and promote your event. Reach out to the Communications Team before creating your materials. We offer creative support and ensure your content is properly branded. Submit a Project Request Form online

Social Media Campaign

Plan your social media content to span the weeks leading up to your event, covering relevant official accounts, event partners (on and off campus) and key individuals.

Use a storytelling approach. Lead with a story first, then follow-up with the event promotion. Your story content could focus on the keynote speaker, share a special moment from the previous year, or showcase a strong quote from an academic leader about a specific topic.

Example from @SchulichMedDent on Twitter:

Primary message (story):

Secondary message (event promotion):


Example from @SchulichMedicineandDentistry on Facebook:

You should also engage key individuals and leaders who are active on social media, to encourage them to share the event with their networks. People’s voices are often more influential and can help reach new audiences.

During Your Event

Capture the experience and content at your event.

Live content checklist:

  • Ask key individuals who are active on social media to share in-the-moment content. Your official account can then share/retweet.
  • Welcome message – include key messages about the event and its purpose. View an example from the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences' 50th Anniversary
  • Onstage remarks – share meaningful or thought-provoking quotes from keynote speakers, presenters etc. Be sure to include a candid photo. View an example from Homecoming Weekend
  • Photos – curate and share the best photos from your event photographer, attendees and/or staff members.

Accounts to tag/engage: