New Social Media Accounts

If you are planning on creating your own official social media site or group for your faculty or department, please contact the Communications & Marketing team at

Please note, before launching a new official account, you must contribute pilot posts to the School's Communications & Marketing Team for a minimum duration of four months.

Prior to contacting Communications about creating an account, please also read our social media guidelines and naming standards documents:


  • What are your project/program/department goals?
  • How will social media support these goals?
  • Who are you trying to reach and connect with on social media (target audiences)?
  • What do you know about your audience’s social media habits and behaviours? How do they use social media? What platform(s) are they active on? What content do they engage with and share? Who are their key influencers online?
  • How does your proposed use of social media align with these habits and behaviours?
  • Why do you feel you need your own account and presence on social media, as opposed to utilizing other existing institution accounts?
  • What is your content strategy? What messages and content will you share? Who will produce the content? How frequently will you share content?
  • How will you measure the performance of your social media work?
  • What resources will you dedicate to your social media presence? Who will staff your social media account(s)? How will your account be monitored?

Additional Social Media Resources: