2022 Neurosurgery Rookie Camp

Neurosurgery-Rookie-Camp.pngThe Neurosurgery Rookie Camp was established eleven years ago with the primary objective of supporting new surgical trainees with their transition into residency. Training programs across Canada recognize the steep learning curve faced during the first year and the positive impact that attending this focused surgical course can have on preparing residents for the next six years. Every two years, a different Canadian university is selected to host the Neurosurgery Rookie Camp.

This year, the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences is hosting the Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp. This is Western University’s second time hosting. On Thursday July 14, 2022, first-year residents from around the nation are travelling to Western University in London, Ontario.  

This two-day training course, will teach thirty residents important surgical skills such as pinning, suturing, positioning of the skull, and spine dissection. In addition, faculty instructors have developed simulation cases that are common in the field of neuroscience. Professors will push the students to think critically about the patient’s background, diagnosis, and their recommendations for treatment.

This event is not open to the public.

To learn more, please visit the national event website here

If you have any questions, please contact Alexandra Kylindris by email.


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