2019 Neurosurgery Rookie Camp

Header - 2019 Neurosurgery Rookie Camp

The Neurosurgery Rookie Camp was established eight years ago with the primary objective of supporting new surgical trainees with their transition into residency. Training programs across Canada recognize the steep learning curve faced during the first year and the positive impact that attending this focused surgical course can have on preparing residents for the next six years. Every two years, a different Canadian university is selected to host the Neurosurgery Rookie Camp.

This year, the department of Clinical Neurological Sciences hosted the annual Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp. On Thursday July 4th, 2019, first-year residents from around the nation travelled to Western University in London, Ontario. This is Western University’s first time hosting, and the department of Clinical Neurological Sciences is eager to start the planning of next year’s event. The two co-chairs, Dr. Mel Boulton, MD, PhD, FRSCS and Dr. Sandrine de Ribaupierre, MD, FRCSC have worked tirelessly to make sure this event was successful and their dedication and hard work was obvious in how smooth and organized the event was.

Over the course of this training, twenty-two students were taught important surgical skills such as pinning, suturing, positioning of the skull, and spine dissection. In addition, faculty developed thirteen cases that are common in the field of neuroscience. These professors pushed the students to think critically about the patient’s background, diagnosis, and their recommendations for treatment.

Not only did this event spark the students' learning and surgical knowledge but also sparked the anticipation for their medical careers. Many students expressed their excitement for their future as they travelled back to their schools, where their residency is beginning. 2019 Neurosurgery rookie camp Attendee, Dr. Branavan Manoranjan tweeted “Had an amazing time at the Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp this past weekend! Big thanks to Western CNS and Western Neurosurgery for putting on this memorable event!”

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