Intent to Register

What is Intent to Register (ITR) and why is it important?

By submitting their Intent to Register (ITR), students inform Western (i) that they plan to return the following Fall/Winter, and (ii) in which program they would like to register.

Review the links to the left for year-specific info about ITR

The deadline to submit an Intent to Register (ITR) is March 31.

The consequences of NOT submitting an ITR by the deadline are explained in the links to the left under "Intent to Register" (e.g. the consequences of missing the deadline to submit an ITR for Medical Sciences 2 are available through the link for "ITR for Med Sci 2").

When are decisions about Intent to Register (ITR) made?

When final marks are available in May, students are adjudicated (assessed for eligibility) for the programs/degrees/modules that they requested during the ITR period. Grade reports are be posted in Student Centre by mid-June and inform students if they are eligible for what was requested on their ITR. See Adjudication for more details.

General Information about ITR

What should you do before you submit your ITR?

Attend one of the ITR events listed below!

Review the modules offered by the basic medical science departments. A great way to determine what you'll study in a module and what differentiates one module from another is to review the course descriptions of the courses required for the module.

Investigate the basic medical science courses and determine if you will have access to the basic medical science courses you want to take, based on your ITR choices.

Check the websites of the basic medical science departments to find out additional information.

Ask questions if you need help with the information you see or the choices you're going to make.

What ITR events are planned?

The ITR events below are put on by student groups, the BMSUE Office and Science/Basic Medical Science departments to provide you with the opportunity to speak directly with faculty and students.

Science Students' Council (SSC) ITR Information Fair: Thursday, March 7
(12:00-3:00 p.m. in PAB atrium)
Come and speak to:

  • faculty members and students from the science and basic medical science disciplines about courses, modules, research opportunities, careers etc.,
  • the BMSUE Office about module choices, and
  • members of the Academic Counselling Team

Epidemiology and Biostatistics: Thursday, March 14
(12:00 - 1:00 p.m. in NCB 113)

Come celebrate the birthday of Dr. John Snow (15 March 1813 – 16 June 1858), a British physician who correctly identified cholera as a water-borne disease decades before the role of the bacterial agent was understood. His work is now seen as fundamental to the early development of epidemiology. Undergraduate students will be on hand to describe the Honors Specialization module and graduate students will be in attendance to answer questions about the graduate program.

BMSA: Monday, March 18
(5:30-7:00 p.m. in Talbot College 204)
Come to see brief videos of faculty members talking about the modules offered by their departments. Upper-year students in basic medical science modules will share their experiences about the modules/courses that they have chosen.

One Health: Tuesday, March 19
(5:30-7:30 p.m. in Med Sci Bldg 384)

The Western One Health Club is hosting an event which will involve a networking session, presentations by faculty members to give an introduction to One Health and the Honors Specialization module. Pizza will be served.

Info/Q&A sessions about submitting an ITR for Year 3 BMSc: Wednesday, March 20
Come to a 50-minute presentation/Q&A session
with Kathy Boon (BMSUE Coordinator) in Med Sci Bldg Rm 282 at 10:30, 11:30, 2:30 or 3:30  to find out:

  • how to submit your ITR for Year 3 BMSc
  • what makes a good First Choice for ITR
  • what makes a good Second Choice ITR
  • admission to Honors Specialization modules - how does this work?

Before coming to a session, make sure you review ITR for Year 3 BMSc.

Physiology and Pharmacology: Thursday, March 21
(5:30-7:30 in PAB 148)
An overview of the options in Physiology and Pharmacology will be provided. Current students in the Honors Specialization modules will discuss their experience in the program. Faculty members will discuss courses in the module including Physiology 3140A and 3120, Pharmacology 3620, Phys/Pharm 3000E and Phys/Pharm 4980E.  Students in the program and various faculty members will be available to answer any questions that you have about the program.

Need help with your module choices for ITR?

Kathy Boon in the BMSUE Office can help with First and Second Choices for ITR during her drop-in hours (posted on the Event Calendar as BMSUE Drop-in) if you are interested in the BMSc Program.

ITR sessions for students going into Year 3 BMSc will be held in March (date/times posted on the Event Calendar) to give some general information about the ITR process, what things to keep in mind when selecting modules for BMSc, how students are adjudicated (assessed for eligibility for BMSc modules), etc.

Don't wait until the end of March to ask about your module choices - BMSUE Drop-in gets pretty busy!

How do you submit your ITR?

You need to go to Student Center to submit your ITR. Look under Student Services Links (right-hand side) and click on Complete My Intent to Register.

If the online ITR process does not work for you, either visit Kathy Boon during her drop-in hours or send an email message with your name, student number, and what error you are encountering (send a screen shot, if possible, from the online ITR system when you get stuck).

From early April onward, you can go back and look at your ITR on Student Center (click on "View My Intent to Register").

General FAQs about ITR

How many choices can you submit with your ITR?

You can submit up to two choices for your ITR.

If you're eligible for your First Choice, then your Second Choice won't be considered.

If you aren't eligible for either of your choices, then you'll be registered in what makes the most sense from the perspective of the office/person who adjudicates you.

Can you change your ITR before the deadline of March 31?

Yes, you can change your ITR before the deadline by submitting an entirely new ITR which will "over-write" your previous ITR.

You can submit your ITR as many times as you want before the deadline but the last ITR you submit will be the one that "sticks".

Can you change your ITR after the deadline?

Once the ITR deadline of March 31 has passed, you cannot change your ITR before the adjudication period begins in May.

You may submit a Change of Status form after the adjudication period to request a change to your degree and/or module(s) for the next year. See After Adjudication - I want to change my programplan for the upcoming Fall/Winter for details.

What are the consequences of not submitting an ITR by the deadline?

If you do not submit an ITR by the deadline, then the Office of the Registrar will submit an ITR for you.

See the links to the left under "Intent to Register" for students submitting ITRs for Med Sci 2, Year 3 BMSc and Year 4 BMSc, to find out what ITR will be submitted by the Office of the Registrar.

Are you more likely to get your First Choice by submitting your ITR as early as possible?

No, submitting an ITR on the first day that the online ITR service is open does not impact your eligibility for your ITR choices.

As long as you submit your ITR by the deadline, you will be considered for your ITR choices during the adjudication period in May.

What if you are not eligible for your First Choice?

During the adjudication period in May, you will be adjudicated (assessed for eligibility) for your First Choice.

If you are not eligible for your First Choice, then you will be adjudicated for your Second Choice (and if you are eligible for your Second Choice, then you will be registered in it for the upcoming year.

What if you are not eligible for either your First or Second Choice?

If you are not eligible for either of your ITR choices, then a decision will be made during the adjudication period in May as to what would be the most appropriate/best program for you for next year. This decision will be based on your ITR choices, the courses you have completed, the courses (if any) in which you're registered for the summer, and your marks.

  • if both your First and Second choices are for the BMSc Program and you are eligible for the BMSc Program but not the module(s) requested, then you will be considered for other modules in the BMSc Program (perhaps Double Majors).
  • if you are entering Year 3 and you are not eligible for any module in the BMSc Program, then you will likely be registered in a BSc degree (perhaps with Double Majors, one of which is a basic medical science Major)

You will find out the program in which you will be registered after the adjudication process is completed and you have been term-activated for next year (early to mid-June).

What if you submit an ITR and then decide not to come back next September?

If admitted to Medical Sciences 2, Year 3 BMSc or Year 4 BMSc for next year, then we would like you to email us to let us know that you are not returning. We will let you know if any other steps are necessary when we respond to you.

If admitted to a BSc degree for next year, please contact the Academic Counselling Office in NCB 280.

How do you submit an ITR if your are in Year 4 of the 5-year combined program (dual degree) with Ivey?

Go to Student Center to submit your ITR:

  • click on "Complete my Intent to Register" under the Student Services links (right-hand side)
  • select "full-time course load" for next year
  • click on "continue in concurrent program"

That's it - you're done your ITR!

You are registered in Year 4 (but not graduating in June). Can you submit an ITR and return next year?

Registering for another year (without graduating) is referred to as a "fifth year" by some programs, e.g. Schulich Medicine.

If your current Year 4 courses satisfy the requirements for graduation, then you can still register in the same module for an extra year. During this extra year, you would be registered as a Year 4 student and may take any courses you want, as long as you have the prerequisite and can gain access to the course (i.e. satisfy any registration constraints). You would not have to take any more courses that appear in your module since your modular requirements have been completed.

If you have questions about registering in Year 4 BMSc for an extra year, then see Kathy Boon during her drop-in hours.

You are graduating this year. Can you still submit an ITR?

Yes, you can submit an ITR to be a "special student". If you think that you might wish to take basic medical science courses, then you would submit an Intent to Register as a special student in the Faculty of Science.

NOTE: as a "special student, you do not have priority access to any basic medical science courses that have constraints in place.

Alternatively, you might wish to register in a Post-Degree Module (Major or Minor).

Check with the Academic Counselling Office in NCB 280 for your options.