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Transplant Fellowship Program

The Multi-organ Transplant Program (MOTP) is the first and one of the most clinically active transplant programs in Canada.  The clinical and research facilities at MOTP are unsurpassed by any other in Canada and rival many large transplant centers in the United States.  Our kidney transplant fellowship is an American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) certified transplant fellowship and continues to be the only ASTS certified renal transplant fellowship in Canada at this time. We accept both Canadian and international applicants to spend between 1-2 years in clinical and research training. 

The first year is comprised primarily of a clinical year in renal transplantation, laparoscopic kidney donor procedures, deceased donor procurements, as well as exposure to pancreatic transplantation and ward management of complex transplant patients.  In addition, all fellows will gain additional experience in complex urological procedures pertaining to renal transplantation including native nephrectomies for polycystic kidney disease, allograft ureteric re-implantation, and others along with extensive exposure to the management of common urological sequelae seen in transplant recipients.   Each fellow is expected to carry out clinical research projects throughout this first year and will be given the opportunity to present their research at national and international meetings. The second year of the fellowship is designed as a research year to carry out translational transplant related research in either basic or clinical sciences. During this second year, fellows will also be given the opportunity to mentor first-year fellows, thus enabling them to further develop their technical skills as well as to slowly establish themselves as an independent surgeon. 

Our previous fellows have successfully gone on to spearhead new transplant programs and urology initiatives across Canada, United States, Saudi Arabia, India and China. We are also proud to be the first Canadian transplant program to have received the prestigious American Urological Association Foundation Research Scholar Fellowship Award.

Applications for fellowship can be sent directly to Dr. Alp Sener and should include the following:

1: Curriculum vitae

2: One page letter of intent outlining research and clinical goals

3: Three recent letters of reference

Once approved, all applicants will be asked to apply through the ASTS fellowship matching service.

Transplant Fellowship Program Director:

Dr. Alp Sener
Phone:  519.663.33352
Fax:  519.663.3858
Assistant:  Angela Gough (

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