JK Wyatt Urology Research Day

Dr. John (Jack) Kenneth Wyatt completed his undergraduate and medical school training at Western. During his university days he excelled in sports and was captain of the Western football team. His medical school classmates described him as the class prankster.

After completion of residency training Dr. Wyatt began his urological career in 1960 at Victoria Hospital, practicing general urology with a special interest in cancer and reconstructive surgery.  He later went on to serve as Residency Program Director and Division Chair, and aided the building of the Western Urology division into a strong clinical and academic program.

Dr. Wyatt is fondly remembered by alumni for his care in their well being as  residents, and his sharp clinical acumen. He was also a great storyteller with a razor-sharp wit and dry sense of humor.  He is remembered by former patients for his common sense approach, easy-going nature and empathy.

During his career Dr. Wyatt was actively involved in both the Northeastern Section of the American Urological Association and Canadian Urological Association. He served as CUA President in 1984.

Dr. Jack Wyatt passed away in 2004 after a long and distinguished urological  career. We are indebted to his many contributions to Urology in London and beyond. His legacy is celebrated through our annual Research Day.

Past Guest Speakers:

2019    Dr. Douglas A. Husmann
2018    Dr. Bernie H. Bochner
2017    Dr. Arthur L. Burnett
2016    Dr. Philipp Dahm                         
2015    Dr. E. Ann Gormley
2014    Dr. Joel B. Nelson
2013    Dr. Stephen Nakada
2012    Dr. Lawrence Klotz
2011    Dr. Gerald Andriole
2010    Dr. John Michael Fitzpatrick
2009    Dr. Antoine Khoury
2008    Dr. Margaret Pearle
2007    Dr. Martin Gleave
2006    Dr. Leonard Zinman
2005    Dr. Joseph A. Smith Jr.
2004    Dr. Anthony Atala
2003    Dr. Peter T. Scardino
2002    Dr. Inderbir Gill
2001    Dr. Shlomo Raz
1999    CUA in London, no Residents’ Day
1998    Dr. Patrick Walsh
1997    Dr. Joseph Oesterling
1996    Dr. Michael Marberger
1995    Dr. E. Darracott Vaughan
1994    Dr. Martin Resnick
1993    Dr. Andrew Novick
1992    Dr. Howard Winfield
1991    Dr. Moneer Hanna
1990    Dr. Drogo Montague
1989    Dr. Ralph Clayman
1988    Dr. Gerald Sufrin
1987    Dr. Alvaro Morales
1986    Dr. J. Edson Pontes
1985    Dr. Alan Perlmutter

Best Resident Presentations: 

2019   Heather Morris
2018   Leandra Stringer
2017   Melissa Huynh
2016   Roderick Clark
2015   Nahid Punjani
2014   Marie Dion
2013   Peter Wang
2012   Siobhan Telfer
2011   Zachary Klinghoffer (McMaster U)
2010   Linda Lee
2009   Trustin Domes
2008   Suman Chatterjee (McMaster U) 
2007   Britt Tisdale (McMaster U)
2006   Andrew Ray

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