Dr. Eric Shepherd Travel Award for Transplantation Research

ShepherdGuidelines for the Dr. Eric Shepherd Travel Award for Transplantation Research

  1. This award will provide support for a postdoctoral or clinical fellow from the Division of Urology who is attending a conference or meeting related to Transplantation Research. Award recipients will be chosen based on academic merit.
  2. Up to $1,000 Canadian will be available annually for ten years. Unused funds may be carried forward to the next year.
  3. Deadline for application will be the first Friday in November and results will be available to the applicants by mid-November. The award will be adjudicated by a selection committee from the Division of Urology, led by the Kidney Transplant Fellowship Director.

Eligibility criteria:
  1. Postdoctoral or clinical fellows from the Division of Urology are eligible to receive this award.
  2. Award recipients may attend a conference or meeting related to Transplantation Research in Canada or internationally.
  3. The application must be made to the Division Office prior to the first Friday in November.
  4. Once the award(s) have been granted, no further awards will be available until the next academic year.
Application requirements:
  1. Details regarding the name, date, purpose and location of the conference or meeting.
  2. Accepted abstract being presented at the meeting.
  3. Up to 500 word essay describing why attending this meeting will be beneficial for the academic career of the fellow.
  4. A 3 page bio-sketch style CV.
  5. Letter of support from the supervisor sponsoring the research being presented.
  6. Upon 30 days of returning from the conference or meeting, must submit the following:
    1. a 250 word description of what they learned from the conference or meeting
    2. Travel expense form with original receipts flights/mileage, accommodation and meals.

Personal costs such as entertainment expenses will not be reimbursed. 
When meeting expenses were incurred in the US or foreign currency, currency conversion should be performed using rates obtained at: http://www.uwo.ca/finance/finexch/.
If a cash advance is needed to cover certain expenses before the conference or meeting, please contact the Fellowship Program Director to discuss.