Chin-Hardie Chair in Urologic Oncology

 Chin-Hardie Chair Presentation

We recently celebrated the creation of the Chin-Hardie Chair in Urologic Oncology facilitated by two leaders who have truly left their mark on patient care and on clinical research in the field of urologic oncology.  Through their generosity, Dr. Joseph Chin and Mr. Bob Hardie have enabled us to create the Chin-Hardie Chair in Urologic Oncology.  This Chair will allow us to recruit exceptional individuals to provide state of the art cancer care for  patients in our region and to carry out cutting edge translational oncological research. 

Dr. Chin has devoted 43 years to his profession and is one of the most highly regarded urologic oncologists in the world.  Over his career at Western, his research has brought in more than $22 million dollars of funding to our institution.  During his tenure, he has published over 400 peer reviewed papers and he has led the field of prostate cancer treatment in minimally invasive robotic surgery and in focal therapies. He has trained countless residents and fellows, who have gone on to become leaders in Urology across Canada and the world. He has been Program Director and Chair of our Division, President of the CUA and NE AUA.  These prestigious roles not only highlight his innate value to the national and international Urology community but also of his willingness to serve his colleagues and profession.

Mr. Hardie’s name is well recognized throughout LHSC – both as a clinical researcher and long-time donor.  During his career at LHSC he worked initially with the orthopedics team and then joined Dr. Chin and his research team in 1996 as a research assistant and later as a donor. After a long career in prostate cancer research within the Division of Urology, he then retired from Western to pursue philanthropic interests with his Foundation.  As a  linical researcher, Mr. Hardie saw first-hand the toll cancer takes on the patient and their family. Knowing he could make a difference, not just in the lab, but through his own charitable giving, he founded the Hardie Family  oundation. Mr. Hardie, and his Foundation have left a long-lasting mark in our community on cancer research, treatment, and care – for patients as well as for their families. In fact, Mr. Hardie has helped countless individuals diagnosed with cancer to access life-changing resources. His passion and altruism are truly inspiring!

The Chin-Hardie Chair will undoubtedly further strengthen Western Urology’s stronghold in maintaining its ranking as a premiere oncology program both nationally and internationally. On behalf of the entire Division of Urology, I would like to thank Dr. Chin and Mr. Hardie for their generous flagship donations and would like to acknowledge all the many other local donors whose collective contributions have facilitated the creation of the Chin-Hardie Chair in Urologic Oncology.   The future of urological oncology at Western will continue to shine bright!

Alp Sener