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Administrative Officer

STAR Coordinator

Dr. Chandlee Dickey

Martha Burke

Khushnum Khatow

July 24th, 2015: Please note there is a new version of the MBR Instructional Manual, which you can find below. There have been a few minor changes:

1) Section 4.1.5 - Observerships: Observerships are now alloted 3 hours per week of supervision.
2) Sections 3.1.24 Interviewer - Medical School and 3.2.2 Interviewer - CaRMS: Due to the innacuracy of the calculations when made into a single record, instructions have been added to make separate entries for each interview, even if the interviews were on the same day.

The Department of Psychiatry is a full participating member of the STAR project for clinical academics at Schulich, with all 75 of its Clinical Academics participating. In the Department of Psychiatry, STAR is used for creating various reports and documentation, including:
  1. Faculty member CV's
  2. 'Academic Promotion' documents
  3. Annual MBR Process
  4. Research Data for the Annual Report

Click on the link to download a copy of the current MBR Instruction Manual (PDF)