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Presentation Types

Visiting Professorship

Invited for more than one teaching engagement at another learning institute. This is often a full day event (longer than 5 hours). This Type should be used in conjunction with the Visiting Professor Role (below).

Invited Lectures

Rounds, Grand Rounds or other teaching lecture. This Type should be used in conjunction with the Invited Lecturer Role (below).

Plenary Presentation

Plenary is a prestigious podium or keynote presentation engagement.

Abstract Presented

Presenting a published abstract at a conference or meeting.

Poster Presentation

Presenting a poster at a conference or meeting.

Conference Presentation

A presentation (non-teaching) that is not Plenary, Abstract or Poster related.

Student Presentation

Any non-teaching (ie lecture) presentations that are done while you are considered a student.

Media Appearance

Media appearances can be considered a radio interview, newspaper, podcast or other


This is when you are involved with a symposium. This Presentation type is a bit of a catch all - use this if you speak at an event that is not lecture or teaching based (at a school) and is not a conference. Example would be if you speak at a public library or similar.


If you are involved with a Workshop presentation.