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Where do Rounds/Grand Rounds Go?

There are often questions on where Rounds can be entered as activities in STAR.

Rounds activities can go in several different sections and the first question to ask is, did I attend Rounds or did I present at Rounds?

Attending rounds is a learning activity (CME) that belongs in Maintenance of Certification.  This screen can be found under the Personal Data menu under All Activities.

Presenting at rounds is a teaching activity that raises another question, where did the Rounds take place?  If the Rounds were a Schulich Medicine & Dentistry or departmental event, then Program Teaching is where this activity should be recorded.  If the Rounds were 'outside' the scope of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry then Presentations would be the best place to enter it as an Invited Lecturer.

Regardless of Attending or Presenting at rounds, you can easily summarize this activity into a yearly activity (spanning the Academic Year).  This allows you to total the hours spent on that activity for the year and use the Clone record function in the future. 

Rounds Flow Chart