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Royal College Maintenance of Certification

Royal College - Section 1 - Group Learning
    Accredited Activities
        Accredited Conferences
        Departmental Rounds
        Grand Rounds
        Journal Club
        Small Group Learning
    Non-Accredited Activities
        Non-Accredited Conferences
        Non-Accredited Rounds
        Non-Accredited Journal Club
        Non-Accredited Small Group Learning
Royal College - Section 2 - Self Learning
    Planned Learning
        Formal Courses
        Personal Learning Projects
        Journal Reading
        Podcasts, Audiotapes, Videotapes
        Internet Searching
        InfoPOEMS, CardioCLIPs
    System Learning
        Practice Guideline Development
        Quality Care/Patient Safety Committee
        Curriculum Development
        Examination Development
        Peer Assessment
Royal College - Section 3 - Assessment
    Knowledge Assessment
        Accredited Self-Assessment Programs
    Performance Assessment
        Chart Audit and Feedback
        Multi-Source Feedback
        Education/Administrative Assessments
Professional Development
Other Learning Activities
    Roles In Conferences
        Moderator/Convenor/Session Chair