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Publication Types

Typically retrieving a publication from PubMed is sufficient to determine a publication type, the table below describes some common publications.  Some of this information has been taken from the U.S. National Library of Medicine which lists typical publication types.

Published Abstract An abstract is a brief summary of a poster presentaiton. (Abstracts also appear at the beginning of published papers.) Conferences accepting abstracts will usually require presenters to complete a standardized abstract submission form.
Book Chapters
Books Edited
Case Reports Clinical presentations that may be followed by evaluative studies that eventually lead to a diagnosis.
Commentaries Work consisting of a critical or explanatory note written to discuss, support, or dispute an article or other presentation previously published. It may take the form of an article, letter, editorial, etc. It appears in publications under a variety of names: comment, commentary, editorial comment, viewpoint, etc.
Editorials Work consisting of a statement of the opinions, beliefs, and policy of the editor or publisher of a journal, usually on current matters of medical or scientific significance to the medical community or society at large. The editorials published by editors of journals representing the official organ of a society or organization are generally substantive.
Journal Article The predominant publication type for articles and other items indexed for NLM databases.
Letters to Editor Work consisting of written or printed communication between individuals or between persons and representatives of corporate bodies. The correspondence may be personal or professional. In medical and other scientific publications the letter is usually from one or more authors to the editor of the journal or book publishing the item being commented upon or discussed. LETTER is often accompanied by COMMENT.
Monographs Relates to a stand alone publication. Can be a Thesis or other such work. Work that is any publication that is not a serial or integrating resource. In cataloging usage, It is usually on a single subject or related subjects and is complete in itself, whether constructed of chapters, sections, or parts. While any article encountered in indexing journals can be, strictly speaking, a monograph, as a publication type, a monograph will refer to a cataloging item.
Critically Appraised Topic
Websites / Videos Any published website or online video can be listed using this publication type.
Clinical Care Guidelines
Magazine Entries
Newspaper Articles Work consisting of a news item appearing in a general-interest newspaper or other general news periodical, containing information of current and timely interest in the field of medicine or science. This publication type should not be confused with NEWS Publication Type, reserved for news reports published in various medical or other scientific journals, such as "Nature".
Newsletter Articles
Supervised Student Publications
Working Papers