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Family College Maintenance of Certification

Section 1 – Mainpro M1
    Pre-Accredited Group Learning
        Advanced Life Support Programs
        Conferences, Courses and Workshops
        Hospital and Clinical Rounds
        Internet-based CME
        Journal Clubs
    Academic Activities
        Faculty Development Activities
        Publications (manuscript preparation)
    Contributions to the Medical Community
        Participating on Medical Committees
        Acting as an Examiner
        Reviewing Manuscripts for Medical Journals
        Pearls.ce or ARC tutor
    Self-Directed Learning Activities
        Self Learning
        Practice Audits and Quality Assurance Programs
Section 1 – Mainpro M2
    Self-Directed or Unstructured Learning Activities
        Reading Books, Journals, and Monographs
        Preparing a Paper for Publication
        Presenting or Speaking at an Event
    CPD or CME programs and events
        Unaccredited Conferences, Courses, and Workshops
        Reviewing Audio and Videotaped CME/CPD Materials
        Listening to CME/CPD podcast
        CME/CPD Delivered via CD-ROM
        CME/CPD available on the Internet
Section 3 – Mainpro C
    Pre-Accredited Learning Activities
        Conferences, Courses, and Workshops
        Advanced Life Support Programs
        Independent/ Practice-based Small Group Learning
        Organized Clinical Traineeships and Fellowships
    Self-Directed Learning Activities
        Family Medicine and Emerg Medicine Examinations
        Linking Learning to Practice
        Practice Audits and Quality Assurance Programs
        Prov Practice Review and Enhancement Programs
        Self-planned Clinical Traineeships and Fellowships
        University Degree and Diploma Studies
Professional Development
Other Learning Activities
    Roles in Conferences