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Creating Program Teaching Summary Hours

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Recording hours for Program Teaching can represent either the hours spent teaching a single class or the number of hours (Teaching and Preperation time) for teaching a course. Program Teaching is intended for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry or Western University courses. The teaching activity dropdown menu does vary from department to department.
Total Hours is a calculated field - the product of Hours per Teaching Session and Number of Teaching Sessions.

Creating a summary record for repeated Teaching activities is a technique to greatly simplify the number of records being entered and to speed up data entry (recording of activities).

For a summary record in Teaching activities, use the Academic Year for the start / end dates and total up the hours across that year to provide an accurate representation of the level of effort for that activity. In the example below, Presenter - Resident Lecture is the activity, taught at the PME level, spanning that Academic Year. Each lecture was 1.5 hours and there were 17 lectures across that year, giving a total hours of 25.5.

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